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What is a written essay?

It is an argumentative text in which is exposed in an organized way, the position that an individual has on a specific topic. They are widely used in the academic field due to the versatility of their structure when conducting an in-depth study.

The essay can be extensive or brief, personal or impersonal, everything depends on the type of essay that we are going to realize and the knowledge that we have on the subject in question.

How to do an essay

As you have observed throughout this article, the essay is a very versatile type of text that allows the approach of different topics while allowing us to express our personal opinion about it.

To write an essay, what you must keep in mind is, apart from respecting its structure and the APA standards, the following:

Investigate the subject in depth and take notes

Write in your notes the impressions that have caused the subject and your opinions about it, do you agree with them? Do you think they can focus in another way? Can you think of a viable solution to the problem?

  • Write down the ideas that cause you rejection, the authors who support them.
  • Also register the authors that support your vision of the subject and extract quotations that allow you to support your arguments.
  • Gather all the information and sit down and write. Start with the fundamentals, make a brief presentation of the thematic axis and from there break down your content, divide the topic into chapters and sub chapters so that you can find the analysis easier.
  • Manage a language adapted to your reader, whether academic or scientific, formal or informal express always with great respect. Never offend the reader.
  • Show your opinions always sustaining them, always arguing and defending your idea as if you were under attack or in front of a jury, this is what will make your arguments credible.
  • It contributes ideas of quality and in spite of the subjectivity that allows you the essay genre also tries to be objective. Do not think to say, but because you have something valuable to say about it.
  • Present your conclusions in an organized and assertive way, do not leave anything to chance remember your mission to convince the reader.
  • At the end of all the work, present the bibliographic data that supported your work, follow the APA rules so that the reader has confidence and can locate the texts if desired.
  • Enjoy, the most important thing to write is to enjoy the freedom to express yourself, encourage yourself that it is an exercise that will allow you to develop intellectually and improve your analytical thinking.
  • We hope that this article is useful to you when writing your essays, in case of any concern do not hesitate to contact us as well as write your opinion in the corresponding section.
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