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Types of essay

How many types of tests are there?

There are many ways to determine how many types of testsĀ  there are since their classification depends or ask to write my essay, mainly on the criteria we use to label them:

  • For its length. There are long essays and short essays.
  • For your approach. They can be classified into objectives, if the writer tries to narrate proven facts without showing his opinion, or subjective. Subjectivity is one of the characteristics of the essay, however, objective trials for scientific demonstrations can sometimes be carried out.
  • Because of his style It can be argumentative, expository, scientific or literary analysis.

This last classification is the one that is usually used when explaining the type of essays, but they are not exclusive, that is, an argumentative essay is in turn subjective and can be short or long. An expository essay, however, must be objective.

Argumentative essays

Argumentative essays are the most subjective of all types of essays because they are used to express ideas or personal thoughts of the author. The arguments defended in these essays do not have to be defended and there is no need to provide evidence, since they are based on opinions or beliefs.

As it is about subjective writings, it is not necessary to attach bibliography unless other authors are referred to support our personal arguments.

Examples of argumentative essays: “My opinion about the existence of God”, “The current educational system and the reforms necessary for its improvement”

Exhibition essays

An expository essay is much more academic and in it we do not have to contribute personal ideas or our own thoughts, we can limit ourselves to commenting on the theories of other people on a given topic, without stopping to contrast them or oppose them.

It is important to include bibliography if it has been used for the test, since in some cases it can be based on an exposition of facts contemplated by the author and that do not need references.

Examples of possible expository essays: “The evolution of female dress in the twentieth century”, “The feeding of the baby during its first year of life”

Scientific tests

When we do a scientific essay it does not mean that we talk about science, but that we apply the scientific method to the essay. That is, we have a theory on a topic of any kind that we have reached by a path that we explained in the introduction and we test that theory with all kinds of evidence or arguments that lead to it being checked or discarded as false . You can also face two opposing theories to try to discover which is the right one.

A list of the bibliography used should be made and whenever data of another author is used, it is specified to whom it belongs.

Examples of scientific essays: “Relationship between hours of study and academic results”, “Positive influence of sports on asthmatic patients”

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