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Example of argumentative essay on: “Is MTV a bad influence for young people?”

Let’s see an example of a brief argumentative essay in which the author will try to convince readers that the MTV television channel is a bad influence for the youth.

“The MTV television channel is very popular among a large sector of youth in all countries where it is possible to visualize it. However, the attitude of the same is not responsible to their public and are responsible for giving a distorted image of youth in a series of programs that undoubtedly pose a bad influence for young people, as I will demonstrate in the following essay”.

To begin with, this channel has popularized programs in which the protagonists are engaged in absurd activities in which they are hit and suffer injuries and which have been imitated in other countries in a dangerous war to see who makes it even more difficult. Hundreds of young people have uploaded their own versions of the program to the Internet convinced that it is fun and that if their idols do it, it can not be bad.

The reality is that there are many who end up in the hospital with serious injuries such as serious bruises and broken bones. Unfortunately, there have also been some dead when performing these unconscious imitations.

On the other hand, there are “Shore” programs where groups of young people live together in a show of supposed reality that has little to do with real youth and in which doubtful values are promoted. Anything goes to get on TV and be famous and the only objective of its participants seems to be having fun, spending money and having sex, yes, telling it so that everyone knows it.

The real reality is that most people of that age are studying at university or struggling to find a place in the labor market, starting to live independently and responsibly.

Television should foster positive values among young people, since it is their responsibility to turn this world into a better place. Showing eternal teenagers, sometimes already in their thirties, with unreflective behaviors lacking in common sense, gives an unreal image of most of the young people, and it makes a difference in people who take them as a reference. For this reason I think that MTV is a negative channel that should not be seen by our youth. ”

Example of argumentative essay with a contrary opinion

In the following brief argumentative essay example we will see an author with an opinion contrary to the previous one, defending his point of view.

“In this essay, I want to defend the idea that neither MTV nor any other channel suppose a bad influence for any person and that all the programs fulfill a mission. Not in vain, MTV is one of the most watched channels by young people.

To begin with, MTV is not a cultural channel, but entertainment. And that’s what he does with his crazy and fresh programs: have fun. In no case tries to be a reflection of society or youth of any country, but rather offers spaces that allow young people to disconnect from their day to day and daily responsibilities of study and work.

Years ago, our parents and grandparents laughed at the adventures and misadventures of Laurel and Hardy “El gordo y el flaco”, who also had a humor based on blows and absurd situations. More recently series like “Falcon Crest” began the soap operas based on intrigues and betrayals adorned with large doses of sex more or less explicit according to different times.

Today the issues are the same, although the format has changed and I do not think our parents have dedicated themselves to hurting each other compulsively or behaving like the evil Angela Channing or the famous J.R of “Dallas”. In the same way young people today take MTV programs as mere entertainment and not as examples to follow or imitate.

There will always be a small percentage willing to imitate the worst, people who have a problem and reflect it in a film or work. In the same way that “The Mechanical Orange” was accused at the time of being responsible for certain disturbed actions that were inspired by it or Charles Manson said to have been inspired by “Helter Skelter” for his crimes, if we take things to the extreme: So we ban The Beatles for dangerous? Do we ask the young people not to listen to them?

It would be equally absurd to ask our young people not to watch MTV, since the vast majority have enough common sense to see it as it is, a mere entertainment without further consequences or problems “

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